Gisser Jewels

Glad you’ve found our about us page. We love inclusivity, as much as we love our women, jewellery and sparkles. Therefore we have no secrets and we’re here to spill the tea with you. Ready? Put on our favourite song: “Top of the world” by the Carpenters and read along. Welcome to our journey! 


It all started in 2006, with a history in retail in a small Dutch village called: Oud-Beijerland. Selling other people’s designs didn’t spark as much joy as we thought it would, nor did they meet our high-quality standards. This is why we decided to collaborate with exquisite creatives and create divine contemporary classics ourselves. Not only do we design all the jewellery ourselves, we also produce them in-house. Fun fact: our production facility is run by women. 

It’s a vibe
Gisser Jewels is not the ordinairy brand, we're a vibe coming from Holland. We can tell you one thing about us Dutchies, we’re a (an amazing bunch of) lot. We’re indescribable. The same goes for our brand. Gisser is an orange vibe and we want you to feel like you’re on top of your A-game, like a strong goddess aware of her unique power. An addition to your daily looks, but at the same time an addition to your day. 

There is wonder in almost everything we see
To feel and look amazing, is the first step needed in order to design. How? By putting on a happy song, surrounding ourselves with people who uplift us, nurturing us with all the great things life has to offer (coffee and cake of course, duh). We’re inspired by urban life, modern art and architectural lines. The creation of a new collection could take up to 20 minutes, or 20 hours. But when you know, you know. This is why the design that takes the least amount of hours, lasts the most amount of time. 

No bijoux for you
At Gisser Jewels, the only thing you’ll find is jewellery. 14-carat gold, 925 recycled silver, zirconia stones, diamonds and shell pearls. No bijoux, no nice-to-haves covered with years of dust, no “too heavy for my ears but I still like them”, no “love the bracelet, but it feels uncomfortable”. Contemporary classics with the best quality possible and comfort fit, because we want what’s best, so you can look & feel your best. 

Making life a bit more fun
Our mission? Making you feel good, encouraging you to do better, feel better, and look better. We know we’re not improving the world, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we’re not saving lives, but we do make life a bit more fun. Our way of approaching the world of jewellery has led us to where we are today. From running our jewellery business to producing our designs and presenting ourselves to the whole wide world. We’re like a cosy coffee shop, you’re always welcome, there’s no over the top glamour, no fuss, but we do love an extra touch. Extra yummy, extra attention, extra Dutch and extra sparkling. 

Why we’re not giving discount
We love that sustainability is part of our modern world. We try to do good in our own way. Trying to improve ourselves by using recycled silver, offering interns new opportunities, new and sustainable ways of packaging, helping our customers with styling advice for long use of their purchases, as we don’t believe in fast fashion. Thé reason why we’ll never offer discounts. Last but not least, we’re working on a special project which contains offering less fortunate women a chance to study and become their best version. 

Our future
Being a positive change in women’s lives. More about this soon.